At FCC we believe that children learn about God’s love by being loved unconditionally by God’s People. All of our ministries to and with children and youth reflect God’s great love for them.

If there is anything we can do to make your family’s worship or Christian education experiences more meaningful, please contact Rev. Holly Irvin ( or Abby Logan (

Permission Slip can be accessed by clicking HERE.


Children and youth in 3rd-12th grades are encouraged to participate in youth groups. The youth group has a different focus from Sunday School. FCC Youth group has an intentional focus on friendships, community, and FUN.

The youth group meets once per month on Sunday evenings, 5:00 to 6:30 p.m., during the school year.  The evening usually consists of experiential lessons, games, and “Awesome and Awful,” a time for students to share what’s happening in their lives.

Our Youth Groups recently had the opportunity to design and create their own spaces! The High School group opted for a big screen tv, Nintendo Switch, ping-pong table, and relaxed seating. The Jr. High group went the more zen route with flexible low seating, lots of lighting, a vine wall, a mini fridge with snacks, and an Infinity Digital Game table!

The youth are all so proud of what they’ve accomplished, and it’s awesome for them to have a space they can call their own! We’re thrilled to share this space with them!


During service, childcare is available in the nursery for children who have not started kindergarten yet. All of our nursery staff have been thoroughly background checked and are kind, loving adults. We know there is nothing more important to you than the health, safety, and happiness of your child. Thank you for trusting us with your amazing little one. We promise to treat him/her with compassionate, loving care. We promise to model God’s love every minute we are caring for your child.

The nursery is on the lower level across from the elevator.  You can visit any time!

A few items of note:

A nursery staff member will help you with check-in, explaining registration procedures.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We want you to be comfortable.

Please label your child’s belongings.

If your child is sick, please stay home and snuggle. We will see you next week!


A Montessori-based program, Children Worship & Wonder, is led by a trained Storyteller and Greeters and provides children with the tools, the language, and the safe space to deepen their relationship with God. Children can join Worship and Wonder simply by exiting the sanctuary when prompted on the screen during the first service worship. A Worship and Wonder Greeter will meet them at the back of the sanctuary and guide them to the Children’s Worship Center. Following the first service worship, parents and guardians pick up their children downstairs (room 128) at the Children’s Worship Center.

Each week, children hear stories from scripture and learn about God while they are experiencing the presence of God. They are invited to enter into the stories and form responses out of their own rich life experiences. They learn about traditional worship practices by participating in them. Typical worship includes singing, prayer, the reading of scripture, storytelling and sharing, an offering, a feast time, and a benediction. This way of being in worship with children respects the developmental abilities of children.


Our high school small group is a vibrant and engaging community that meets twice a month. It is a place where teenagers can come together to build meaningful connections, share their joys and struggles, and grow in their faith journey. In a supportive and welcoming environment, we explore relevant topics, discuss challenging questions, and seek guidance in navigating the unique challenges of adolescence. Through engaging discussions, activities, and shared experiences, we aim to foster personal growth, encourage spiritual exploration, and develop lasting friendships. Join us as we journey together, discovering the richness of faith and the beauty of community in our monthly gatherings.


This Small Group meets every other week on Sunday nights 5-7 p.m.  in the Middle School Youth Room.  Abby Logan and Holly Irvin lead. They enjoy an Doordash meal, recreation, and devotional.



Becoming a part of a small group gives your whole family the opportunity to be involved within the church. From meeting new friends, growing in your faith, and connecting with your church community, small groups are the perfect opportunity for your family.